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Being a global supplier in UV water purification technology has designed the system to meet all the demands of NSF/ANSI water quality level with added features. You will be amazed to know that while several water purifiers available in the market deplete essential minerals naturally present in water, Ro water purifier machine retains these vital minerals and provides you water that is not just pure, but healthy too. Some features carried by Ro purifier are as follows:

Microbes and Germs Free Approach towards Life

water systems are inbuilt with RO, UF, and UV Technology. These technologies are capable enough to kill microbes, germs, bacteria, and viruses as well as refine excess TDS, block unhealthy impurities and chemical contaminants, while retaining essential minerals in drinking water. The water quality is automatically monitored with no user interaction required.

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Advantages of M.C.U RO CARE

Purification of RO Followed by UV & UF, Which removes even dissolved Impurities.
The MB Technology is retains essential Natural Minerals in Purifies water. Which are vital for our health.
8 Liters of Purified water storage capacity that makes water available on demand. Even in he absence of electricity / water supply.
Price of product includes free installation as well as 1 year free service & 4 PP Filter at site on Demand.
A membrane is warranted for the period of 1 Year.
Prompt after sales service with a wide service network.
Fully automatic, auto Flushing system.